Welcome to The Granary

We’re delighted to welcome new and old friends to THE GRANARY.
Those who have visited us previously know the one thing we’re not short of is space. So to give every group enough breathing room, we’ve decided to put it to good use by setting up each table as its own little camp.


We’ve set up each table to be self-contained*, under canvas or tin (to keep the elements at bay).
Your encampment will be equipped with enough water, paper napkins and cutlery for your party.
Your camp could be on the paddock, under the veranda or even in the field.
Each table will be set up to make the most of the view.
*The only thing you won’t have is your own loo. But we’ll be keeping these clean throughout the evening.


…certainly not clueless, thank you very much.
To further reduce infection risk, we’re only accepting payments by card.
We also recognise that there’s no point having a nicely distanced table if one of you has to queue at the bar, so we’ve done away with that too.
We think we’re the only place around that offers this.


  • Book a table. Download our app and book yourself a table, or phone if you’re feeling old school. To avoid crowding and increased risks, we’ll only be able to serve you if you’ve booked.
  • Turn up on your booked evening and we’ll show you to your table.
  • Once settled, and after spending a while enjoying the view, use the granary app to order your food and drinks. We’ll receive your order in the bar and kitchen, and get to work. All you need to do is settle back and enjoy that view (and your fellow guests of course).
  • As soon as your order is ready we’ll bring it to your table. It really is that simple.